A specially formulated pet digestive enzyme and probiotic supplement

Total Enzymes

Two sizes! and Improved, more enzymes, probiotics and CFU's.

Now, all the benefits of 16 Enzymes, 14 ProBiotics and pre-biotics in a delicious and convenient, treat-form tablet!

Our customers have been asking for it...

Original smaller pet size a 90 count: each tab treats 1/2 cup pet food.

New ! Larger pet size 100 count: each tab treats 1cup of pet food.

The most complete product on the market just got better, no one eles compares toTotal-Zymes® PLUS in a treat-form tablet!


Total-Zymes® PLUS is a full strength combination of 16 digestive enzymes as well as systemic enzymes with 14 live stable ProBiotics and Pre-Biotics and patented ingredients in a tasty chewable tablet.
Total-Zymes® PLUS™ will help combat digestive problems, while enhancing a beneficial bacterial balance.
Total-Zymes® PLUS™
is recommended for related issues such as loose stool, skin and coat, sensitive stomach, hairballs, low energy, and even bad breath.
Total-Zymes® PLUS™ will help you achieve for your pet Total Digestive Health by improving digestion and absorption of your pet's diet, no matter what you feed them.

Total-Zymes® PLUS™ contains L.E.A.D.S. ® (Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®). L.E.A.D.S. ®, as a delivery system that insures complete digestion and nutrient delivery of Total-Zymes® PLUS™ a t the cellular level.
No other animal supplement or nutrition product can offer this unique advantage to your pet.


Total-Zymes® Plus™ supports:

Healthy digestive system
Healthy immune system
Reduction of bloating
Healthy energy levels
Shiny, healthy coat
Healthy joints
Reduced food intolerance
Controls excess gas
Improved iron absorption

Suggested Usage:

Small tab: one tablet will treat ½ cup of any pet food and can be given before or after the meal as a treat or just toss it in their bowl. Tablets may be easily broken in half to treat a ¼ cup of food per feeding.

New ! Larger Tab: one tablet will treat 1 cup of any pet food and can be given before or after the meal as a treat or just toss it in their bowl. Tablets may be easily broken in half to treat a 1/2 cup of food per feeding.

Ingredients List:
A proprietary enzyme blend of Amylase, Protease 4.5, Protease 3.0, Protease 6.0, Lipase , Malt Diastase, Pectinase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Beta-Glucanase, Alpha-Glactosidase, Phytase, Peptidase,Lactase and Glucoamylase

A proprietary probiotic blend of, DDS-1 Acidophilus, B.bifidum, Bacillus coagulans,Bifidobacterium Breve, B. lactis (B. animalis ), B. longum, L. brevis, L. casei, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, Lactococcus lactis, L. salivarius, Streptococcus thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, FOS fructo-oligosaccharides (a pre-biotic).

New Ingredient! The only patented stabilized glutamine in the world- MGG chelate- This stabilized Glutamine re-writes the book on utilizing anabolic nitrogen molecules to help cleanse and fortify the body. Glutamine yields beneficial effects on the intestinal mucosa and is also the major metabolic fuel for the small intestine. The addition of the chelated glutamine to Total-Biotics™ greatly improves the stability and colonization characteristics of beneficial bacteria in the pet's intestinal tract and is an essential nutrient that is required by the intestinal cells. It can actually help repair a damaged intestinal tract.

L.E.A.D.S. ® Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System® A proprietary blend of calcium amino acid chelate, magnesium amino acid chelate, zinc amino acid chelate, manganese amino acid chelate, chromium amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate.

Other Ingredients: Brewer's yeast, carob powder, calcium, cellulose, vegetable stearic acid.

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Digestive enzymes are very specific. They will only digest the exact food type for which they are named. As an example lipase will digest only lipids or fats as they are commonly called. Lipase will not do anything to digest protein or carbohydrates.

For complete digestion you must include all the different enzymes in a product to digest each type of food ingredient. A digestive product that contains only four, five or six enzymes will do a poor job digesting the complex ingredients of today's high quality pet food.

That's why we at NWC Naturals® Pet Products LLC formulated Total-Zymes ® Pluswith a special blend of Sixteen powerful plant-based enzymes to completely digest and deliver all the nutrients of today's modern pet diet, with just one scoop of Total-Zymes ® Plusper cup of any pet food.

The Plus is because it also has A proprietary probiotic blend of now fourteen live stable probiotics.

In addition we have added 60,000 FCCPU of bromelain from pineapple as a systemic Enzyme per tablet. This will help support pets with Allergies, Itching and the Painful Stiff Joints of older pets.


Total-Zymes ® PLUS gives you a unique advantage not available from anyone else. We utilize L.E.A.D.S.® which stands for "Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®" This special enzyme delivery system that is used to insure nutrient delivery on a cellular level. Total-Zymes ® uses only human grade enzymes and patented amino acid chelated minerals to give your pet every advantage.

By using Total-Zymes® Plus on any pet's food you free up their body's digestive system.

When enzymes are missing from pets food, the full burden of digestion falls on the pets own digestive system. Many premium pet food companies put a lot of thought and good ingredients in their food that you sell, but by not fully digesting it, the pet does not get full benefit of the food your customer just spend a lot of money on.

This can overwork the pancreas, stress their immune system, and weaken their overall health.

Highest Quality Manufacturing Process

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