Compare Krill Oil Products

Ingredients list Tri- KRILL™ Capsules
(per 500 mg capsule)
Viva Labs Krill Oil (per 600 mg capsule) Source Naturals (per 500mg soft gels ) Neuro Krill (per 500mg capsule) MegaRed Omega(per 500mg soft gel )
Omega 3 fatty acids 120 mg. 150 mg. 125 mg. 0 mg. 115 mg.
EPA 60 mg. 82 mg. 60 mg. 75 mg. 64 mg.
DHA 28 mg. 47 mg. 35 mg. 40 mg. 30 mg.
( With Bonded Omega-3)
200 mg. 200 mg. 200 mg. 125 mg. 167 mg.
AstaREAL™Astaxanthin plus natural occurring 6.0 mg(more than any other krill oil product) best krill oil best krill oil best krill oil best krill oil
Natural occurring Astaxanthin .40 mg .80 mg .24 mg .75 mg .25 mg
Krill oil from SUPERBA™ best krill oil best krill oil Neptune Krill Oil best krill oil best krill oil
Non specific Krill Oil best krill oil best krill oil best krill oil best krill oil best krill oil
Phosphatidylserine from soy best krill oil best krill oil best krill oil 100 mg. best krill oil
Liqui-Krill™ Delivery System best krill oil Capliques® best krill oil Capliques® best krill oil
Cost $44.99 60 ct.500mg per cap $29.9560 ct.600mg per cap $24.99 60 ct.500mg per softgel $67.20
60 ct.500mg per cap
$35.9960 ct.500mg per softgel
Price of you were to add the extra REAL astaxanthin. $44.99 $69.94 $64.94 $107.15 $75.94

Compare the difference in price.

digestive enzymes

With Tri-KRILL™ it is like getting 2 products in 1 .

To buy a good REAL astaxanthin product with 12mg of Astaxanthin per serving a 6o count bottle would cost you up to $39.99 or more.

Even an ordinary 60 500mg count krill supplement with 500 mg per capsule will cost you $35.99 .

For $44.99 your getting both products in one and that's a great savings!

Some examples:

Prime Astaxanthin 6 mg of astaxanthin 30caps 39.95

Source naturals Astaxanthin 2 mg 120 Softgels 23.99

We also found some krill products are adding extra ingredients to fill the capsules but has no value so always check the supplements facts box. (like Glycerin , other fish oils, soy).

Our new improved krill oil with the same great formula in our Patented process Lipid Fusion Capsule Technology™

NOW with DRcaps™ capsules (digestive resistant) to help protect our ingredients from stomach acid.

Highest Quality Manufacturing Process

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